Yamaha PSR-S770 Demo

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Building on a legacy of live performance.

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Building on a legacy of live performance.

The PSR-S770 is equipped with a host of powerful performance features, flexible audio playback functions and a Mic/Guitar input, making it ideal for live use on stage, in the studio or at home.

830 Voices, including Super Articulation voices and Organ flutes, 36 Drum/SFX kits, and 480 XG voices
2 Live Controllers for dynamic real-time control assignable to any combination of parameters including filter, arpeggio and more
360 Styles, including all-new DJ styles
Mic/Guitar input for use when singing or collaborating with other performers
New Arpeggio function for instant access to a library of arpeggiated synth phrases and more
USB audio playback with time stretch, pitch shift, and vocal cancel functions


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