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Piano Héritage

Montreal & Laval’s Source for Yamaha Pianos

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psra2000sPortable and packed with potential, keyboards are a great way to explore your creativity and musicianship! They offer accompaniment features and many readily available realistic sounds. Take your music with you wherever you go!

Digital Pianos

ydpc71pesThe perfect place to start for parents looking to introduce their children to the world of piano playing! These instruments feature full 88 note keyboards with weighted keys. With a true piano sound and feel these are ideal instruments for musicians looking for an authentic alternative to the acoustic piano.

Upright Pianos

cn216sThe cornerstone for any pianist, the upright piano immerses you in a world of dynamic expression and nuance that is unattainable in the digital realm. The acoustic upright piano is timeless.

Grand Pianos

c3xsThe pinnacle of elegance and expressive piano playing. Acoustic grand pianos bring forth a wonderful palette of sound and color right to the fingertips of the pianist. Combine the elegant look of the classic grand piano shape with an enormous dynamic range and you find yourself with an instrument that is truly limitless.



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