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Montreal & Laval’s Source for Yamaha Pianos

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Learning how to learn is the real key here. That is what music education offers us. It isn’t necessarily about learning music, the goal (and ultimately the result) is to learn how to learn, to master how to master something. Music happens to be a fun activity that can allow us to learn these abilities or “soft skills”. The formula is simple, when something is fun to do, we do it more often…when we do something more often, we usually become better at it.

With all that said, you will need a keyboard or digital piano to practice on at home to see results. We’ve come up with special promotions for all members of Académie Gregory to make sure that you can get an instrument and all necessary accessories at an affordable price!


Here are the models and special offers for each one:

. An IKS-X2 keyboard stand will be included for free with each purchase of an NP-12 or P-45 Keyboard. (Value of 40$, usually sold separately)
. Each P-45 customer can choose to also receive a set of headphones or an adjustable bench. (Value of 35$, usually sold separately)
. Each YDP-143 and YDP-163 customer will receive high quality Yamaha headphones for free. (Value of 130$, usually sold separately) 
. All customers will be eligible for our 6 month upgrade policy. For example, buy an NP-12 keyboard now, keep the box and within 6 months you may exchange it for the YDP-143 and pay the difference in price. 
. All YDP-143 and YDP-163 are eligible for interest free financing directly with Piano Héritage INC. 


*A portion of all proceeds will be donated to the Fondation Gregory Charles :*






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