Bösendorfer Collector's Edition - Dragonfly (10 of 18)

The story behind this Bösendorfer is very unique.  First of all, it’s the only Bösendorfer Dragonfly in all of Canada.  If you’re lucky enough to own this piano, your story is only beginning with that fun fact.

Empress Maria Theresa and her husband, Francis I,  Holy Roman Emperor,  passionately collected plants for their magnificent gardens and monumental greenhouses.  The empress turned Schönbrunn Palace into an imperial summer residence and the glamorous heart of life at the court.  Leading statesmen and major personalities from the world of art and culture were guests at the palace.  Schönbrunn’s Baroque garden was a grand representation of the court and a continuation of the impressive interior projected to the outside world.

The painter Johann Wenzel Bergl,  famous in the 18th century,  decorated several of the rooms on the ground floor with plant and animal motives that reveal a love for detail.  The nature-loving Empress Elisabeth (Sisi) also delighted in the magnificent gardens and mural paintings in her later years.  To this day,  the rooms designed by Bergl remain among the palace’s three most sumptuous room ensembles.

This instrument is an homage to the magnificent gardens and mural paintings of imperial luxury and an enchanting snapshot of nature.  Limited to 18 Model 200 grand pianos in polished black,  each instrument from this series is given an individually numbered brass plaque.

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The Art of the Piano

Remaining true to our precious héritage we continue to set new standards in sound and artistic expression. Calling Vienna, the city of music our home, we have set out to develop the new generation of Vienna Concert Grands, removing any obstacles.

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Precious Héritage

Vienna, 1850s: Ignaz and Ludwig Bösendorfer gear all their passion and know how towards building the most advanced grand of their time that shall represent Vienna’s culture and appreciation of piano music. They elaborate and develop upon the feedback and influence of world famous composers and leading artists of their times. Father and son, both not only skilled in the master craftsmanship of piano building but dedicated to music and artists from the start. It is our sincere duty and honour to preserve this precious héritage and pass it on to future generations.

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“Bösendorfer pianos give me the possibility of developing a special range of colours and inspire me with an unbelievable ease and sensitivity of the action.  They truly allow the artist to soar and react sensitively to the artist’s feelings, like your best friend.  This makes possible a timely dialogue between the artist, instrument and audience—authentic and true.”  – Aleksandra Mikulska